Stainless Steel and Brass Hardware outfitted with Schmidt Gel Roller and Bock Nib. Wrapped in Iowa Teak Decking removed during her current restoration project. USS Iowa (BB-61) is the lead ship of her class of battleship and the fourth in the United States Navy to be named in honor of the 29th state. Owing to the cancellation of the Montana-class battleships, Iowa is the last lead ship of any class of United States battleships and was the only ship of her class to have served in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II.


The USS Iowa turret explosion occurred in the Number Two 16-inch gun turret of the USS Iowa (BB-61) on 19 April 1989. The explosion in the center gun room killed 47 of the turret's crewmen and severely damaged the gun turret itself. Two major investigations were undertaken into the cause of the explosion, one by the U.S. Navy and then one by the General Accounting Office (GAO) and Sandia National Laboratories. The investigations produced conflicting conclusions.

USS Iowa (BB-61) Teak Pen Set with Certificate of Authenticity